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Winter Scenes: 30 Snowy Stock Illustrations

Winter landscape with message Hello winter.

Are you searching for free stock vector illustrations of winter scenes? Want to highlight winter sports, activities, or landscapes in your next creative project? If so, this post is for you! Below you’ll find 30 snowy, free stock illustrations and tips to put them to use!

In this post:

5 Creative Ways to Use Free Vector Images

Vector Portal has a library full of high-quality free stock images for you to use in your creative projects. Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use free stock vector files to create logos, icons, and other branding elements for your small businesses’ website or marketing materials
  • Use vector illustrations to create unique content for social media posts. Illustrations make great icons or graphic elements on Instagram highlight covers, for instance.
  • Use vector graphics to create dynamic infographics to share with your classmates, students, or colleagues.
  • Use cartoon-style pictures to create flashcards for children. Icons of common objects can be paired with words to create ESL flashcards, for instance.
  • Use vector images to make custom files to use with CNC machines and laser cutters

5 Fun Facts About Winter

“Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.”

Elizabeth Bowen, Irish-British novelist
  • According to BBC Earth, snow can be used as an insulator because it is comprised of trapped air. This fact explains why many animals burrow into the snow during the winter months.
  • Winter holiday celebrations vary across the world, with Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hannukkah being prominent holidays recognized the world over.
  • According to Nat Geo, squirrels don’t hibernate during the winter; although they do stash food in various locations and sleep for up to 20 hours a day.
  • Snowflakes have six sides like a hexagon and can come in a variety of sizes.
  • Winter is the coldest season. It is known for its bitter-cold temperatures, snowfall (depending on geographic location), and long nights.

30 Snowy Stock Illustrations

“That’s what winter is: an exercise in remembering how to still yourself then how to come pliantly back to life again.”

Ali Smith

1. Illustration of Metal Shovel in a Pile of Snow

Vector image of a metal shovel stuck in a pile of snow.

2. Vector Graphic of Snow Falling on a Small Cottage

Snow falling on a small cottage, vector graphics.

3. Illustration of Two Houses in Winter Landscape


4. Vector Graphic of Skis and Poles in the Snow

Vector illustration of skis and poles in the snow.

5. Vector Illustration of a Boy Sledding on a Snow Tube

Vector illustration of a boy sledding on a snow tube

6. Vector Image of a Snow-Covered Pine Tree


7. Vector Illustration of a Mountain Peak in the Clouds


8. Illustration of an Icy Igloo in a Winter Landscape


9. Vector Image of Two Red Houses in a Snowy Winter Valley

Vector illustration of two red houses in a winter environment.

10. Illustration of a Small Cottage in a Wintry Forest

Landscape in forest during winter with small cottage.

11. Vector Graphic of Evergreen Trees in Wintertime

Vector graphics of evergreen forest during winter.

12. Vector Image of a Small Cottage on the Hill

Vector image of a small cottage on the hill covered with snow.

13. Illustration of a Cottage with Smoke Rising from the Chimney

illustration of a cottage during winter

14. Illustration of A-Frame Cabin in the Woods During Snowfall

Winter cottage in the forest, vector image.

15. Vector Graphic of an Iceberg Floating in the Sea

Piece of iceberg floating in sea, vector clip art.

16. Vector Graphic of a Snow Globe

Vector illustration of a snow globe

17. Illustration of a Red, Snow-Covered Mailbox

Vector clip art of a mailbox covered with snow.

18. Illustration of Winter Tent Camping in Snowy Landscape

Image of a tent in the mountains during winter.

19. Illustration of Man Walking in Winter Clothes

Man in winter sweater walking in cold weather.

20. Vector Graphics of a Wooden Signboard

Vector graphics of a wooden signboard covered in snow.

21. Illustration of Winter Landscape with Lake and Forest

Winter landscape with lake and forest in the background.

22. Cartoon Illustration of a Man in Winter Outfit

Vector image of a man in winter outfit, cartoon style.

23. Illustration of a Winter Park with Orange Bench

Winter idyll in the park, vector clip art.

24. Vector Icon Set of Winter Trees

Set of free vector images of winter trees.

25. Illustration of a Mountain During Winter

Vector graphics of winter landsacpe on mountains.

26. Vector Illustration of Wintry Night Scene

Vector illustration of night in mountains during winter.

27. Illustration of a Small House on a Snow-Covered Hill

Vector image of a small house on the snow-covered hill.

28. Illustration of Snowman on a Swing

Vector image of a snowman on a tree swing.

29. Isometric Vector Graphic of a Snowman and Trees

Vector image of a snowman in the park.

30. Illustration of Winter Seen Through the Windows

Vector image of a big window with red curtains.