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Best Cryptocurrency Vector Illustrations for Creative Projects

Vector illustration of crypto coins

Cryptocurrency is becoming a common and increasingly important part of folks day to day lives. But, finding high-quality vector illustrations of cryptocurrency symbols can still be quite a challenge. The good news is Vector Portal has a collection of vectors that fit the bill. So, keep scrolling. Below you’ll find the best vector images for your creative projects.

Crypto Vectors to Download for Free

1. Crypto Cloud Illustration

Crypto Cloud floating above three gold cryptocurrency coins

Discussing cryptocurrency digital, encrypted financial transactions? Download this blue, yellow, and gold vector illustration of a cloud floating above three cryptocurrency coins.

2. Stack of Bitcoins Vector

stack of gold bitcoins isolated on a white background

Familiar with Bitcoin? Download this vector icon that shows a stack of gold Bitcoins set against a white background.

3. Crypto Vault Icon

Illustration of a dark gray vault with a bitcoin symbol on the front of it.

Searching for a vector illustration of a cryptocurrency vault? Download this one that shows a dark gray security vault with a gold Bitcoin symbol on the front.

4. Crypto Mining Concept

Crypto Mining concept that shows coins falling onto a microchip

Talking about the complexities of crypto mining? Download this vector illustration of four crypto coins falling atop a black and gold microchip.

5. Bitcoin ATM Icon

gold ATM with large bitcoin symbol on top

Need to advertise that your business has a Bitcoin ATM? Download this vector icon of a gold ATM with a large Bitcoin symbol on the top.

6. Blockchain Concept

Blockchain concept that shows a gold Bitcoin enclosed in a secured network of lines

Talking about blockchain? Download this vector illustration.

7. NFT Graphic

NFT concept that shows the symbols for music, photography, videos, and other forms of media with the letters NFT in the center.

Do you know what an NFT is? Download this vector that illustrates the concept of a non-fungible token (NFT).

8. Bitcoin Trading Illustration

illustration of two smart phones with bitcoins being traded between them

Searching for a vector that shows Bitcoin trading in action? Download this illustration of two smartphones with Bitcoins floating between them.

9. Bitcoin Investment Illustration

Bitcoin Investment Chart trending upward

Want to show Bitcoin investments that are upward trending? Download this vector image of crypto coins on a computer screen with a jagged arrow moving upward.

10. Bitcoin Organic Growth Vector

Vector illustration of cryptocurrency growth symbolized by flowers growing out of the dirt

Searching for a symbol of organic growth? Download this vector illustration of crypto coins growing like wildflowers.