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Best Vector Images to Celebrate Spring

Vector image of a flower in a pot seen from above.

Spring is here, so now is the time to look for high-quality illustrations of pretty flowers, colorful butterflies, verdant green grass, and other vectors that exude the feeling that the season brings. However, finding the right images can be rather difficult. The good news is that VectorPortal has tons of Spring-themed vector illustrations that you can use for free.

10 Spring Vector Illustrations

Whatever feeling you want to evoke for your springtime creative projects, we’ve got you covered! Just keep scrolling to find the best Spring vector images you can download right away.

1. Floral Wreath Vector

Vector illustration of a wreath made of spring flowers

Mark the season with this vector illustration of a wreath made of white flower blossoms, with text that reads “spring is coming”. Download it here.

2. Vibrant Bouquet Illustration

Vector image of a bouquet of spring flowers with yellow petals and blue branches.

Looking for a vector image of spring flowers? Download this illustration of a bouquet that has yellow and orange-petaled flowers with blue stems and leaves.

3. Spring Landscape Drawing

illustration of natural landscape in the spring

Want an image of a landscape during springtime? Download this illustration of the sun emerging from behind the cloud in a landscape with lush green rolling hills.

4. Cherry Blossom Vector Graphic

vector illustration of a branch from a cherry blossom tree

Japanese cherry blossom trees have pink flowers that bloom every Spring. Looking for an image of these famous pink buds? Download this illustration.

5. Happy Spring Season Background

Colorful background with grass and flowers.

Spring brings about feelings of joy and ease. Need an image that exudes that? Download this spring-themed background that features bright flowers and text that reads “happy spring season.”

6. Flower Basket Illustration

illustration of colorful spring flowers in a basket

Need an image of flower blossoms in a wicker basket? Download this illustration now.

7. Paper Butterflies Vector

Gray vector background with white butterflies made of paper.

Many butterflies emerge during the Springtime. Do you need a graphic image of butterflies? Download this gray vector background comprised of white butterflies.

8. Birdhouse Icon

birdhouse icon with yellow bird on top

Need images of vibrant birds and their houses? Download this icon on a yellow bird sitting atop a wooden birdhouse, set against a blue sky.

9. Natural Scenery Illustration

Vector image of a tree by the water in the summer day.

Searching for the perfect illustration that evokes feelings of Springtime? Download this vector drawing of a tree by a body of water on a warm day.

10. Grassy Spring Graphic

grassy vector background with text that reads "spring is here"

Looking for a simple image to exclaim that Spring has arrived? Download this illustration of a grassy field with the words “spring is here” written in green text.