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Top Animal Icons to Download for Free

Yellow venomous snake, vector illustration.

Vector illustrations of animals can be used in a variety of ways. However, finding the best animal illustrations can be rather tricky. The good news is that we’ve curated a selection just for you. Keep scrolling to find the top 15 animal icons that you can download for free.

15 Animal Vector Illustrations

1. Safari Animal Icon Set

Vector pack of kawaii safari animals icons.

Discussing safari animals or working on a project that involves them? Download this cute icon set that features a zebra, monkey, lion, rhino, giraffe, and elephant.

2. Elephant Family Illustration

Vector illustration of elephants family.

Talking about the importance of families in the animal kingdom? Download this vector illustration of a big elephant and a baby elephant.

3. Giraffe Cartoon


Looking for the perfect cartoon illustration of a giraffe? Download this vector icon here.

4. Raccoon Illustration


Raccoons, sometimes, get a bad reputation. However, you might need a vector illustration of one. If so, download this one.

5. Sea Turtle Vector

Vector image of a sea turtle, cartoon style.

Searching for illustrations of sea creatures? Download this vector file of a spotted sea turtle.

6. Ostrich Vector Icon

Vector image of an ostrich.

Discussing the beauty of non-flying birds? Download this vector image of an ostrich.

7. Seal Balancing Ball Clip Art

Illustration of a marine mammal balancing a yellow ball with his mouth.

Seals are amazing creatures that are known for their interactions with humans. Do you find them fascinating? If so, download this vector illustration of a seal balancing a striped yellow ball on the tip of its nose.

8. Mole Vector Illustration

Vector image of a small mammal living mostly under the ground.

Working on a creative project that requires a picture of a mole? Download this vector illustration of a mole popping its head out of a hole in the ground.

9. Lobster Vector Icon

Vector image of a marine animal.

Lobsters are interesting sea animals. Looking for an image of one? Download this vector of red lobster here.

10. White Stork Illustration

Vector illustration of a white stork bird.

Telling stories involving storks? Download this vector illustration of a stork set against a bright green background.

11. Deer Cartoon Illustration

Deer with a smiling face, cartoon style.

Deers are many folks’ favorite forest creatures. Do you like them? Download this cartoon illustration of a smiling deer.

12. Whale Vector and Icon

Vector illustration of a whale

Whales are fascinating. Are you discussing different types of whales and what they eat to survive? If so, you’ll want to download this vector image of a whale right away.

13. Mouse Illustration

Vector image of a small rodent, cartoon style.

Looking for an image of a little mouse? Download this icon of a common rodent.

14. Toucan Vector

Vector illustration of a a colorful tropical bird.

Teaching a lesson on toucans or just talking about this big-beaked bird? Download this vector image of a touch resting its feet on a branch.

15. Sloth Icon

Vector image of a sloth sleeping on a tree.

Tired of searching for the perfect image of a sloth? Save yourself some time by downloading this one and using it for your creative projects.