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Top Fishing Icons & Illustrations

Vector illustration of a fisherman on a bridge

Fishing is a beloved pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Whether you’re casting a line in a peaceful lake or battling a big catch on the open ocean, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of reeling in a fish or two. And now, with the growing popularity of vector illustrations, fishing enthusiasts and pros have a new way to capture the beauty and excitement of their favorite hobby. The vector graphics found below are perfect for everything from t-shirts and posters to websites and social media posts, and they offer a level of detail that is sure to impress. Let’s take a closer look at fishing vector illustrations and explore the many ways they can be used to enhance your fishing-related content.

Best Fishing Vector Illustrations

1. Fishing Rod with Bait Icon

Vector graphics of a fishing rod with a bait.

Need an icon of a standard fishing rod? Download this vector icon here.

2. Fishing Lures Vector

Vector image of colorful fishing bait.

Looking for lures? Download this vector set of three colorful fishing lures.

3. Fishing in Nature Illustration

Simple vector illustration of fishing in the nature. This image is in public domain.

Searching for an illustration that symbolizes fishing in nature? End your search and download this one right now.

4. Fishing Jacket Icon

Illustration of a green fishing jacket typically used in outdoor activities.

Need an icon of a classic fisherman jacket? Download this vector of a green vest.

5. Boat with Fishing Net Illustration

Vector image of a boat with fishing net.

Looking for an illustration of a boat casting a fishing net? Look no further. Download this vector illustration right here.

6. Fisherman Vector

Vector image of a man sitting in a boat and fishing.

Many folks like to fish. Do you need a vector graphic of a person luring in little (or big) fish? Download this illustration.

7. Fisherman Showing Off Catch Illustration

Vector illustration of a fisherman showing off catch.

Searching for an icon of someone showing off their catch of the day? Download this vibrant vector icon of a fisherman.

8. Fisherman on a Bridge Vector

Vector illustration of a fisherman on a bridge

Looking for an illustration that shows someone fishing leisurely? Download this vector graphic of a man sitting on a pier and fishing.

9. Fish and Hook Logo Template

Vector graphics of tuna fish and a fishing hook. Logotype template for fishermen and fishing tackle shops.

Need a logo for your bait shop or fish-themed social media platforms? Download this logo template and make it your own.

10. Hooked Fish Vector

Fish caught on the hook, vector clip art.

Want to show a fish that’s hooked and ready to be reeled in? Download this vector of a fish that has been caught.

11. Fish Taking Bait Illustration

Big and small fish going for the bait, vector clip art.

Need an illustration of fish taking bait? Download this vector graphic now.

12. Green Fishing Rod Icon

Vector illustration of a fishing equipment.

Want a fishing rod icon with style? Download this green vector graphic today.

13. Fishing Silhouette

Vector silhouette of a man standing in the water and fishing with a fishing rod.

Fishing silhouettes can be used for a plethora of projects. Download this one and put it to use for your creative projects.

14. Fishing Area Sign

Vector sign for a fishing pier. Image of a tourist symbol showing fishing is allowed in the area.

Need to designate a fishing area on your lakeside property? Download this fishing sign.

15. Fishing on the Lake Illustration


Want to show fishing in action? Download this vector illustration of a man fishing on a lake.