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Top 20 Vector Sticker Designs

Vector illustration of a retro baseball cartoon character

Stickers are undeniably cool and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are an educator searching for stickers for your lesson plans or someone who admires high-quality sticker design, you’re in luck! This article has the best vector sticker designs you can download for free? Don’t believe us? Just keep scrolling to see for yourself.

Best Vector Stickers to Download for Free

1. Cute Cactus Sticker

Vector illustration of cute cactus sticker

Looking for a plant-themed sticker that is sure to put a smile on your face? Download this vector sticker design of a cactus in a purple smiley-face planter.

2. Bang Bursting Sticker

Vector image of a bursting sticker with text Bang!

Need a vibrant vector graphic? Download this bursting sticker design that exclaims the word “bang” in bold letters.

3. Organic Food Label

Set of four vector labels with the text "Best organic food".

Serving or packaging organic food? Download this set of four vector food labels and use them for free.

4. Green Radio Decal

Simple graphic label for radio stations. Vector graphics of green decal with text "radio hits".

Playing radio or podcast hits? Download and share this groovy sticker design.

5. Golden Quality Control Sticker

Vector graphics of golden decal with text "The best choice - premium quality".

Searching for a quality assurance sticker? Download this vector illustration of a golden “premium quality” sticker design.

6. Tennis Ball Character Sticker

Vector illustration of a retro tennis ball character

Searching for sports-themed stickers? Download this retro cartoon tennis ball character holding a racket.

7. Special Offer Sticker Vector

Vector illustration of the gray sticker with text "Satisfaction guaranteed 100% - special offer".

Searching for a black and white satisfaction guaranteed sticker? Download this monochromatic sticker design and use it for free.

8. Potted Plant Sticker

Vector illustration of a cute potted plant

Need a plant icon sticker? Download this vector illustration of a plant in a yellow planter with a winking face emoticon.

9. Fresh Milk Sticker Set

Collection of vector labels and stickers for dairy products.

Need fresh milk labels? Download this vector sticker set and use them for your milk products.

10. Hamburger Sticker Design

Illustration of a hamburger filled with meat and vegetables.

Having a hard time finding fast-food themed stickers? Don’t fret. Download this vector hamburger sticker design.

11. Sale Sticker Vector Set


Searching for sale stickers? Search no further. Download this vector set of four sales stickers featuring colorful gradient designs.

12. Recycling Symbol Sticker


Need a vector sticker design that symbolizes your desire to be eco-friendly? Download this recycling symbol sticker that features a green background, white arrows, and a peeling edge.

13. Football Cartoon Character Sticker

Vector illustration of a retro football cartoon character

Searching for a football-themed sticker that is sure to wow a crowd? Download this retro cartoon character design that looks like a personified football holding a smaller football while running.

14. Black Friday Vector Sticker Set

Vector designs of Black Friday stickers and badges.

Is your small business considering having a Black Friday sale? Prepare to drop prices when you download this vector sticker set.

15. Discount Sticker


Need to mark something down by 15% off in your online or brick and mortar store? Download this colorful sales label.

16. Flash Sale Vector Labels

Colorful vector stickers and labels for storefronts.

Having a flash sale? Download these bright and flashy sale sticker labels and mark your products down by 60 or 80%.

17. Glossy Label Set

High quality, free glossy labels for special offers and money back guarantees

Running a business? You’ll need the right stickers and labels to add to your products. Download this glossy label set and enhance your product today.

18. Keep Frozen Sticker

 Illustration of a blue sticker with text Keep frozen.

Need to remind folks to keep food items frozen? Download this blue sticker design that includes the text “keep frozen” along with a reminder that freezing temps are below 30 degrees Celsius.

19. Blushing Cactus Plant Sticker

Vector illustration of a cute cactus plant

Looking for an adorable sticker to show off your green thumb? Download this vector illustration of a thriving cactus plant in a blue planter with a blushing emoticon face.

20. Soccer Ball Character Sticker

Soccer Ball Character

Need a retro sports design to use as a sticker or label? Download this vector illustration of a soccer ball character playing soccer.