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Top Career-Themed Vector Illustrations

resumes for various professionals, vector image

Careers can take many forms. After all, there are doctors, engineers, ballet dancers, botanists, mathematicians, teachers, painters, and a plethora of other jobs performed by people all over the world. But, when it comes to finding high-quality vectors that illustrate various career fields, it can be rather difficult. Luckily, VectorPortal has you covered. In this post, you’ll find the best career-themed illustrations that you can download for free.

20 Free Career Vector Illustrations to Download Today

1. Farmer Icon

Vector illustration of a farmer holding a box with apples

Want to inspire folks to get back to their roots and pursue a career in agriculture? Download this vibrant vector illustration of a female farmer wearing green overalls and carrying a crate of red apples.

2. Baker Illustration

vector illustration of a baker putting bread into a brick oven

Baking something delicious to share with your customers? Download this illustration of a baker warming bread in a brick oven and share it on your social media platforms to promote your new baked goods.

3. Janitor Vector

Vector illustration of a cleaning worker.

Are you a professional cleaner? Hosting a local park clean up? In either case, you need to download this vector icon of a man offering janitorial services.

4. Flight Attendant Illustration

Vector illustration of a stewardess with a food trolley

Flying high in the blue skies is a dream many folks share. Are you one of them? Download this purple-saturated icon of a stewardess pushing a cart of refreshments.

5. Architect Icon

Vector illustration of an architect

Own an architecture firm or aspiring to be an architect? Take the first step toward building your dream by downloading this vector icon of an architect armed with blueprints and a briefcase.

6. Plumber Vector

Vector image of a plumber repairing a faucet.

Plumbers have played a pivotal role in people’s day-to-day lives for decades. Do you offer plumbing services? Download this illustration of a plumber preparing to fix a sink and share it with your customers.

7. Remote Worker Illustration

Vector image of a man sitting on a bench and working on a laptop.

Remote workers can perform a variety of job roles. Do you need an illustration that represents that? Download this vector drawing of a man working on his laptop while enjoying a day in the park.

8. Science Professor Vector

Vector image of an old scientist in a lab coat, holding a beaker

Working on a project centered around science? Download this vector illustration of a science professor holding a beaker full of chemicals.

9. Car Mechanic Graphic

Vector image of a repairman under vehicle.

Need a graphic that shows a car mechanic hard at work? Download this vector illustration of a person in green pants working on the underside of a red vehicle.

10. Doctor Avatar

vector illustration of a doctor

Doctors are, undoubtedly, important. Do you need an icon that represents medical professionals? Download this medical avatar that shows a smiling person in a blue lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck.

11. Yoga Teacher Illustration

person practicing yoga, vector graphics.

Pursuing a yoga teaching certificate or already earned one? Download this graphic of a woman engaged in yoga and use it to promote your services.

12. Painter Icon

Vector image of a painter making a painting

Passionate about art? Download this vibrant vector of a painter hard at work.

13. Businessman Graphic

Male person in white shirt holding a suitcase.

Businesspeople work for companies of various sizes – big or small. Need a graphic of a modern businessman? Download this vector that shows a businessperson in casual attire and carrying a briefcase.

14. Judge Icon


Judges have been around for many decades. Need an icon that represents a courtroom or judge? Download this vector icon of a woman sitting in a high-backed chair and banging a gavel.

15. Photographer Vector

Vector illustration of a woman photographer

Photographers play an interesting role in the art world and in folks’ daily lives – especially these days. Do you need an icon that represents photography? Download this vector of a woman composing an image with her DSLR camera.

16. Firefighter Cartoon

cartoon illustration of a fire fighter with a fire extinguisher

Firefighters are needed across the globe. Do you need a vector of one? Download this cartoon illustration of a firefighter holding a red fire extinguisher.

17. Musician Icon

Vector illustration of a musician with a guitar

Searching for a vector that represents the life of a musical performing artist? Download this illustration of a musician with a guitar and microphone in tow.

18. Mailman Cartoon

Illustration of a mailman in blue uniform, cartoon graphic style.

Making a greeting card for the mail delivery people in your life? Download this cartoon illustration of a mailman.

19. Biologist Icon

Vector illustration of a scientist looking through a microscope

Biologists help discover many new organisms that may be invisible to the naked eye. Do you need an image of a biologist hard at work? Download this vector illustration of a man examining organisms with a microscope.

20. School Teacher Illustration


Teachers play a pivotal role in our world. Are you searching for images of school teachers? Download this vector illustration of a smiling school teacher sitting at a wooden desk in a classroom.